UWBCode 2020

Final Round starts in

Oct 25, 2020 12:00PM PDT by UWBCode Team

Oct 25, 2020 12:00PM PDT by UWBCode Team

Welcome to UWBCode 2020, a competitive programming event hosted by the UWB ACM and Girls Who Code. Special thanks to the Allen Institute for Brain Science.

UWBCode is open to all contestants. The weekly competitions will be held from October 9 - October 23, with the window to participate ranging from 24 to 72 hours for each round. The final contest will be held on November 20 for 4 hours. For more detailed information, reference schedule below. During given windows, individuals can submit their solutions at any time. You may not need the entire time to solve all challenges.
Scoring and Prizes are specified under Terms and Conditions. Register now to compete for prizes and a meeting with Shoaib Mufti, Senior Director of Data and Technology at the Allen Institute for Brain Science.

Open Round Submissions accepted for...
Oct. 09 10:00AM Qualification Round 72 hours
Oct. 16 10:00AM Round 1 24 hours
Oct. 23 10:00AM Round 2 48 hours
Nov. 20 2:00PM Final Round 4 hours
**All times in PDT. Other time zones?
Guest-speaker + Celebration session will be hosted on Nov. 20 6:00PM PDT via Zoom. Link: TBA
Confirm your participation in 2 steps:
**Register for the Qualification Round by October 9 to be eligible to compete for prizes.
Terms and Conditions
  1. . Eligibility
    1. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED by law. You are not eligible to complete from places where the contest is prohibited.
    2. In order to compete, you must have:
      1. Valid email address.
      2. HackerRank account.
      3. Zoom account for guest speaker sessions.
    3. In order to get the prize, you must provide a valid email so that we can contact you for further information.
    4. UWB ACM reserves the right to verify your validation and information you provided.
  2. . Contest structure
    1. For this year, UWBCode will be hosted online, no on-site competition is scheduled this year due to COVID19. We also have a guest-speaker series on Zoom. You will receive links via email.
    2. UWBCode 2020 has 4 rounds: *all times in PDT. See schedule for details
    3. Each round equally contributes to the final score. The maximum points you can earn per round is 1000 points. The Practice round contributes ZERO points to the official contest.
    4. Submissions:
      1. You must submit your code on HackerRank within contest time. All late submission does not count towards rank.
      2. In order to get points, you must pass all tests provided within a given time.
    5. Contestants can register and compete at all rounds. However, only contestants in Group 1 are eligible for prizes. Contestants in Group 2 are NOT eligible for prizes.
      1. Group 1:
        Contestants who solve at least ONE challenge in each round. Contestants, who are NOT qualified for Group 1, still can compete in Group 2.
      2. Group 2:
        1. Contestants who did not meet Group 1's requirements.
        2. Contestants who registered but did not compete.
        3. New register after the end of the qualification round.
    6. Modifying contest. UWB ACM reserves rights to change the contest's structure and results to prevent unfair competition.
  3. . Languages
    You can use any languages supported by HackerRank to compete. The current configuration supports most of popular languages: C, C++, Java, Python, C#, Kotlin, Swift, Ruby, Scala, JavaScript, Go, PHP, Perl, R, ...
  4. . Judging and scoring
    UWBCode 2020 is hosted on HackerRank. We give special thanks to HackerRank for providing this platform. HackerRank default judge system will be used in this contest.
    1. Tie breaker: Sum of time of the first correct submission for all the problems.
    2. Time used for tie breaker: Viewing individual challenge. Your time to solve a challenge is calculated from the time you read an individual challenge until you submit your first correct solution.
  5. . Announcements
    UWB ACM will announce the top three contestants after each round. Link to the full ranking can be found on contest’s website as the ranking becomes available.
    1. The final standing will be announced 1 hour after the Final Round ends.
    2. UWB ACM will contact the contestants via their provided email for prizes.
  6. . Disqualification
    You are IMMEDIATELY disqualified from the contest and may deal with further consequences if you:
    1. Plagiarize, use a third-party code.
    2. Use more than one account to compete.
    3. Discuss/share ideas or solutions with other contestants.
    4. Attempt to destabilize contest(s) by hacking, cheating, conducting or supporting activities that are not approved by contest administrators.
    5. Retain information of other contestants.
    6. Share inappropriate information/media/thoughts via Zoom or HackerRank. If violated, you will deal with consequences from University of Washington Bothell and HackerRank/Zoom.
    7. Commit a criminal act that impacts the contest and contestants.

    If you found any issue in our system or the contest itself, contact us through [email protected] or report it at Contact. Do NOT interfere with the contest for any reason.
  7. . Privacy and intellectual property
    1. UWB ACM will NOT use information you provided in the registration form for purposes other than UWBCode 2020.
    2. UWB ACM will NOT reveal your information without your permission.
    3. You have all rights to the code you submitted. We will not utilize it without your allowance.
    4. Your username on HackerRank will be used for ranking announcements. Please contact us or leave a note in the registration form if you wish not to public it.
  8. . Prizes
    We recognize the final top 10 contestants:
     ☆ 1 Winner and 2 Runners-up will have a chance to meet Shoaib Mufti, Senior Director of Data and Technology at the Allen Institute for Brain Science via Microsoft Teams and receive special gifts from the Institution.
     ☆ The next 7 contestants [4th-10th] will be honored on our contest page for their excellent achievements in addition to special gifts from the Institute.
  1. . Can I compete as a non-UW student?
    Yes, you can. UWBCode 2020 opens to all students and competitive programming enthusiasts as long as you meet Eligibility requirements.
  2. . Where can I ask for help during a contest?
    Contest's moderators are active on our Discord. You can drop your question there for a quick reply or message us via email.
  3. . Can I submit my code after the contest ends?
    Yes. You can submit your code after the contest ends. However, points you get from those submissions do not count towards the final rank.
  4. . How do I find my ranking?
    You can view your round rankings live in the contest's Leaderboard. The overall rankings will be updated on our website within 2 days after the end of each round.
  5. . Do I need to be online the entire time?
    No. You can start the contest as your schedule allows. You may not need to entire time to solve all challenges.
  6. . How is time calculated in the contest?
    Tiebreaker used for ranking is the sum of time of first correct submission for all the problems. Time used for tiebreaking is counted from the time you open individual challenges.
  7. . Do I get more points for submitting earlier? You may. Your time to solve a challenge is calculated from the time you read an individual challenge until you submit your first correct solution. The shorter time you need the higher score you get.
    Person A solved problem B in 1 hour (10AM - 11AM)
    Person B solved problem B in 30 minutes (2PM - 2:30PM).
    ==> B is ranked higher than A