UWBCode 2020 is NOW OPEN!!

Posted by UWB ACM on September 16, 2020 · 3 mins read
Round 1 starts in

Welcome to UWBCode 2020

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UWBCode 2020 is open to all contestants. This year, with special thanks to the Allen Institute for Brain Science, the UW Bothell Chapter of the ACM and Girls Who Code would love to open the tournament to local institutions.

At UWBCode 2020, contestants will race to solve interesting algorithmic challenges in a limited amount of time, competing with fellow students to find creative solutions quickly. The final top 10 contestants will receive special prizes from the Allen Institute.

Open   Round   Submission accepted for…
Oct. 09 10:00AM   Qualification Round   72 hours
Oct. 16 10:00AM   Round 1   24 hours
Oct. 23 10:00AM   Round 2   24 hours
Nov. 20 2 :00PM   Final Round   4 hours

*All times in PDT

More information is available at UWBCode 2020