Rankings for the UWBCode Qualification Round

Posted by UWB ACM on October 12, 2020 · 4 mins read
Round 1 starts in

Hello contestants,

Thanks to all contestants who participated in the Qualification Round. You can submit your solution after the end of the contest; However, no score will be added to the Leaderboard. We are excited to announce that 68/206 contestants are eligible to compete in Group 1. If you are not in Group 1, you still can compete in Group 2 for upcoming rounds.

Top 3 of Group 1:

  1. victoreis1
  2. mshang_
  3. qiujames …

Top 3 of group 2:

  1. yipcubed
  2. austin_arlitt
  3. mahimajeslani26 …

The first successful solution of the contest was submitted at minute 5 by leonli3three for EZ-DNA (#18). victoreis1 had the first solution for A-EndingDigits, C-CovidFlights, and D-Compensation and became the first contestant to get aperfect score at minute 1937 (#1). The first accepted solution for B-Minima belongs to quijames (#3).

UWBCode Round 1 will be hosted on HackerRank on Friday, Oct. 16 at 10:00AM PDT. The contest link will be updated on our contest website by Wednesday. Congrats!


UWBCode Team

**Group 1: completed the registration form + solved at least 1 challenge

**Group 2: not qualified for Group 1/ registered but did not compete in the Qualification Round/ compete in Qualification Round but did not register.

Open   Round   Submission accepted for…
Oct. 09 10:00AM   Qualification Round   72 hours
Oct. 16 10:00AM   Round 1   24 hours
Oct. 23 10:00AM   Round 2   24 hours
Nov. 20 2 :00PM   Final Round   4 hours

*All times in PDT

Stay tuned on the contest page for updates UWBCode 2020