Rankings for UWBCode Round 2

Posted by UWB ACM on October 25, 2020 · 4 mins read
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Hello contestants,

The UWBCode Round 2 just ended at 10:00AM this morning. Thanks to all contestants who participated in this round. Here are some insights:

Our top participants for this round

  1. ulzgoroth
  2. Twangybeast
  3. ashwinkbanwari
  4. victoreis1
  5. syaniv
  6. 2016B5A70471G
  7. mshang_
  8. mansisinha1609
  9. qiujames
  10. jkuang7

Twangybeast (#2) was the first who solved B-MaxReward at minute 374 and got a perfect score at minute 374. The first solution of the contest was submitted at minute 11 by victoreis1 (#4) who also submitted the first solution for A-KAmount. and C-VisualCoding and got a perfect score at minute 1073. The first solution for D-LemonLeMons was submitted by mshang_ (#7).

ulzgoroth (#1), ashwinkbanwari (#3), and syaniv (#5) finished this round with a perfect score at minute 1714, 1956, and 2151, respectively.

The accumulated Leaderboard is live here

UWBCode Final Round will be hosted on HackerRank on Friday, Nov. 20 at 2:00PM – 6:00PM PDT.
Register: https://www.hackerrank.com/uwbcode2020-final


UWBCode Team

**Group 1: completed the registration form + solved at least 1 challenge

**Group 2: not qualified for Group 1/ registered but did not compete in the Qualification Round/ compete in Qualification Round but did not register.

Open   Round   Submission accepted for…
Oct. 09 10:00AM   Qualification Round   72 hours
Oct. 16 10:00AM   Round 1   24 hours
Oct. 23 10:00AM   Round 2   24 hours
Nov. 20 2 :00PM   Final Round   4 hours

*All times in PDT

Stay tuned on the contest page for updates UWBCode 2020